Protective Income Builder

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Protective Life’s Protective Income Builder is a single-premium indexed annuity that offers a 7-year surrender charge duration, as well as a provision for market value adjustment. Despite this being a single-premium product, additional payments/premiums are accepted within the first contract year. This annuity offers the 1 Year S&P 500 Annual Tiered Rate account strategy, which credits your contract with a base interest rate for any positive gains during the crediting period. An additional enhancement rate is also credited if this index reaches a pre-determined performance rate threshold.

This annuity also offers a rising income benefit, and a protected lifetime income benefit to provide opportunities for base income growth.

Protective Income Builder Annuity Facts

Issue Ages

0-85 years


Minimum Premiums in $ Maximum Premiums in $
Qualified Payments 25,000 1 million for investors over 50 years
Non-Qualified Payments 25,000 1 million for investors over 50 years

Initial Premium and Transfers

You may transfer your entire contract value from one crediting strategy to the other on any contract anniversary.


Name of Rider Issue Age Rollup Period Withdrawal Age Waiting Period Rider Fee Included?
Rising Income Rider Minimum 50 years 10 years 60-95 12 months 1% Required
Guaranteed Income Benefit Minimum 50 years 10 years 60-95 12 months 1% Required

Withdrawal Provisions

Starting the first contract year, the contract owner can withdraw up to 10% of their contract value free of any withdrawal charges. The minimum withdrawal amount is $1,000, while the minimum account value is $10,000. Systematic withdrawals are available.

Surrender Charge Schedule

Any amount withdrawn above the 10% annual withdraw threshold is subjected to the surrender charge schedule.

Contract Year 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Surrender Charge in % 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Death Benefit

The death benefit equals the greater of either the contract value or the minimal surrender value. The company calculates the death benefit on the day when proof of death is presented.

Terminal Illness and Nursing Home Waivers

After the first contract anniversary, if the policy holder (or their spouse) is diagnosed with a terminal illness or is confined to a nursing home for a period of time not less than 1 month, then all withdrawal charges are waived on the contract value.


If the Protective Income Builder annuity investor (or their spouse) become unemployed for a period of time not less than 60 days (and have not taken any withdrawal within this time), then surrender charges may be waived.

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