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Daily Coverage

Long-Term Care Insurance policies pay a daily amount towards home care, assisted living, or nursing home. Home care is the most common claim, with 75% of claims starting at home.

Plan Duration

Average claim: 2.9 years. Assuming you don’t have a crystal ball, you don’t know how long you’ll need Long Term Care for. The chance of needing Long Term Care is 1 in 2, but the chance of needing it for over five years is much smaller. Like any insurance, you may buy this and never use it, so finding a balance is key.

Return of Premium

Add this option and you’ll be able to leave your beneficiary the total sum of all of your premiums paid, less any claims you’ve made. If the thought of buying this and never using it bothers you, guarantee a return of funds with Return of Premium.

Home Health Care on Day 1

Coverage for care at home is available with no waiting period. This 10-15% extra option is the most popular add-on rider.

Shared Coverage

Women make longer claims than men, on average. Hedge your risk with your spouse by adding a Shared Care rider to your policy.

Inflation Protection

If you're buying this thinking of using in the future, include inflation protection.

Annuity Specialist

Signing up for an annuity should be a cake walk, but sometimes it can be very difficult to pick which is best for you. Go ahead and fill out the form below so then you’ll be headed down the road to success!

To Learn More about a specific annuity, or ask annuity-related questions, please leave your name, contact info and other required information below. It helps if you give more details about what it is you want in the comments section. Thank You!

As popular as annuities have become, they’re not for amateurs. Many investors avoid annuities altogether because of fear of the unknown. But annuities offer unique opportunities for individuals in different situations, more so those who’re looking to safeguard or boost their retirement income. Learning to demystify annuities is no walk in the park. However, with the right annuity specialist by your side, you can easily find the product that’ll help you achieve your financial planning goals.

Who’s an Annuity Specialist?

An annuity specialist is anyone who’s got extensive knowledge, skills and experience in fixed annuities, variable annuities, equity-indexed annuities, immediate and deferred annuities. Annuity product specialists are also highly knowledgeable in titling options, living benefits, interest crediting, unnecessary taxes and litigation issues. Your certified annuity specialist tells you what annuities may make sense to add to your overall portfolio.

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At AnnuityBroker.org, we cover and track all annuity products available in the country, from all the different insurance companies. It’s what we do all day long. As such, we’ve mastered the art of rating and comparing annuity products against each other.

When you fill a quote on this website, our team acts fast to provide impartial, expert advice and recommendations that meet your objectives. As thus, we can help you compare among different annuity products, or just learn more about a specific annuity product. All of your communication is direct to an annuity product advisor.

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AnnuityBroker.org is not attached to any insurance company. We do not recommend products based on which insurance company sells them, but rather based on their unique features and ability to meet your individual financial planning goals. This way, we’re able to provide independent, actionable advice that you can count in at all times.