Guggenheim Highlander Fixed Indexed Annuity

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Guggenheim highlander is a single-premium fixed index annuity that offers multiple interest crediting strategies, as well as a fixed interest rate option. This annuity has a 10-year surrender charge duration, and a provision for MVA (Market Value Adjustment). Premiums paid within the first contract year earn 4% premium bonus. The highlander index annuity is ideal for investors who are looking to try their luck in the markets without risking their principal.

Guggenheim Highlander Index Annuity Facts

Issue Age

0-80 years


  • Minimum for qualified payments – $5,000.
  • Minimum for non-qualified payments – $10,000.

Premium Bonus

A 4% premium bonus is added to contract value for any premium deposited within contract year one.

Lifetime Withdrawal Rider

Available at an annual fee of 0.90%, this rider allows the income base to grow by the amount credited to the contract annually, multiplied by 4% at each contract anniversary, for a period of 20 years.

Free Withdrawals

You can withdraw up to 10% of your contract value on any contract year, starting the second contract year.


A nursing home waive is available for annuitants over the age of 76 who’re confined to a nursing center for a period of time not less than 90 consecutive days. This waiver allows policy holders to withdraw up to 100% of their contract value without any charges.

A terminal illness waiver is available for annuitants who’re diagnosed with a terminal illness. This allows qualified contract owners to access up to 100% of their contract value free of any withdrawal charges.

Death Benefit

Upon the annuitant’s death, appointed beneficiaries are paid the entire account value. There are various payout options available. For instance, they could take a lump sum payment, or receive income payments.

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