Guarantee 7 American Equity

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This is an American Equity Guarantee Series annuity with a single premium, and a 7-year interest rate guarantee. Guarantee 7 from American Equity also features a 7-year surrender charge duration, and has an MVA (Market Value Adjustment) provision.

Guaranteed Rates

Within the 1st year, your annuity is credited with a fixed interest rate (currently 2.8%) which American Equity guarantees for a total of 7 years. At the end of this guarantee period, you’ll have the option to either renew your annuity for a similar duration. If this happens, a new interest rate will be arrived at based on prevailing market conditions. The company guarantees that at no time will be its interest rate be lower than 1%.

If you do not wish to renew your annuity, there are other options available. For instance, you could make partial withdrawals, or surrender your entire annuity for its Account Value.

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