NWL Protector One Annuity

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Value Assurance is a fixed annuity with a one year fixed rate and a 10 year surrender charge period. It is a flexible premium tax deferred index annuity that has an optional lifetime income rider. The annuity was not available in AL CA CT DE FL HI IA IN MA MN NJ NV NY OH OK OR PA PR SC TX UT VI and WA (as of June 2017).

NWL Protector One Features

Guaranteed rates

Clients will earn a 3.5% interest on premium payments in the first year. The rate is guaranteed to never drop below 1%.

Issue Age

0-85 years for annuitants and a 95 year age restriction for annuitization.


  • Minimum for non-qualified payments – $5,000.
  • Minimum for qualified payments – $5,000
  • Maximum for qualified and non-qualified payments – $1,500,000.
  • Flexible premiums and payroll deductions are permitted within the entire life of this annuity.
  • Minimum added premium- $100 for qualified and non-qualified payments.

Free withdrawals

You can withdraw up to 10% of your contract value once on each contract year. The withdrawal will be based on accumulation. Withdrawals above the free 10% will attract early withdrawal charges that gradually reduce from the first to the last year from 10.00% in the first year to 5.00% in the tenth year.

Death benefit

If the annuitant dies before the annuity date, the beneficiary receives the bonus value and the account value as a lump sum if they do not elect another payment option. If the annuitant dies on or after the annuity date, the beneficiary is paid all guaranteed amounts. There is also a spousal continuation benefit where the surviving spouse becomes the annuitant.



The client can elect a settlement option from a variety. These include Income for life, Proceeds held at interest, annual income for a fixed period, survivorship annuity, life income with installment refund and life income with a guaranteed period among others. A guaranteed 1.5% interest rate will be used to calculate the amounts.

Terminal illness waiver

Withdrawal charges will be waived for withdrawals made after the client is diagnosed with an illness from which they are not expected to recover and will die within 12 months.

Nursing home confinement waiver

The client can withdraw up to 75% of the account value without charges after a stay of at least 90 days in a nursing home.

Systematic withdrawals

These are available on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. The minimum amount one can withdraw from their account is $100.

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